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Turn your hall or meeting room into two with an operable wall

Stormor Systems operable walls dividing a hall

Turn your hall or meeting room into two with an operable wall


If you have an activity hall and it has been consecutively booked for the same time, this can cause difficulties as to who actually uses the hall. With an operable wall, this wouldn’t happen because you would simply split the area in half and then both activities can happen at once.


The operable walls Stormor Systems provide have the capability to slide, fold or to be manually or semi-automatically operated. If you have a preferred type of operable walls, we can design and install specifically to these requirements. The operable walls are also available in a range of finishes from veneers to vinyl for solid elevations and blinds or manifestation films for glazed walls. In any area which operable walls are required but in particular a corporate area, they would need to match the existing décor as it will be one of the main walls in the office and it won’t give off that professional feel if a wall which doesn’t match the décor. Operable walls can be applied in a number of environments such as meeting rooms and office space to school and community halls.


If there are two activities happening at the same time in a hall, you would think that you would hear the opposing end to which you are in with an operable wall, but this isn’t the case, the walls have a sound attenuation of 35db – 57db.


If your workplace or hall requires an operable wall, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with the team on 01293 224 364 or email us at info@stormorsystems.co.uk.


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