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Stormor Systems is a leading provider of mezzanine floors, industrial shelving, pallet racking, longspan shelving, office partitioning, warehouse shelving, storage systems and more.

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Stormor Systems storage systems


We offer a wide range of shelving systems from our own trademarked Stormor shelving to industrial longspan shelving and pallet racking suitable for warehouses and large facilities, to mobile shelving designed to maximise the space you have available and simple document storage. We cater for all requirements and will work closely with you to provide the right solution to your storage needs.
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Stormor Shelving

Stormor Shelving is a high quality all purpose ‘all steel’ type shelving system that’s smart in appearance and ideal for industrial or office use. Open or closed sided in various heights, depths and widths offering different shelf capacities, it clips together for easy assembly and adjust-ability.

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Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is a high carrying capacity industrial shelving system. With clip together components and available in many sizes and bay widths for economic use of space, Longspan is suitable for all industrial requirements.

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Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is a heavy duty racking system for pallet storage and forklift loading. A wide variety of sizes and specifications are available.

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Mobile Racking

Mobile Shelving offers the highest possible storage density for all products maximising the space available. Numerous type of shelving systems can be made / converted into Mobile shelving, dependent upon requirements.

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Euro Shelving

Euro Shelving is a heavy duty type shelving system for warehousing where components / units are weighty and fast moving. It’s very adaptable as it is clipped together in steel, it comes in many sizes and capacities of shelf loadings.

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