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Don’t Move Premises, Build Your Business Up!

Stormor Systems mezzanine flooring in a warehouse

Don’t Move Premises, Build Your Business Up!


There’s no time like the present to get your mezzanine floor installed before the price of steel rises. Before the UK took the decision to leave the EU, the price of steel had begun to rise, but with Brexit taking place, the prices are due to further increase – which will potentially have significant affects on the cost of a mezzanine floor with the large amount of steel required for these projects.


Many businesses chose to move premises when their floor and storage space runs out, but this is not always the best solution. A mezzanine floor can solve these problems equally as well as moving and can often be a considerably cheaper option too!


Mezzanine floors can work wonders in many different environments, often installed in warehouses and storage sites, but other popular spaces include eateries, gyms and offices. So whatever your work environment, our team can design and install a tailor-made mezzanine floor to suit you.


Every mezzanine floor we install is tailor-made and individually designed to each of our clients’ needs. We are always on hand to discuss requirements and offer more information about our single, double and multi-tier constructions as well as offering expert advice about our installation process.


If you would like further information on our mezzanine floors then don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team on 01293 224 364 or leave us a message on our contact us page

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