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Stormor Systems is a leading provider of mezzanine floors, industrial shelving, pallet racking, longspan shelving, office partitioning, warehouse shelving, storage systems and more.

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Additional services to complete your office refurbishment

Having a full office refurbishment can be a busy and stressful period for a business, and often different providers have to work together to complete the job. This is not the case with Stormor Systems - our experienced team offers all you need, from office furniture, decorating services, lighting, heating, and many other services.


We also offer flooring and decorating services

We offer a full site management service with planning and building control applications. Our team has over 25 years’ experience so you can rest assured that the... Read More

Man operating a forklift, lifting up a box to put into a racking storage system provided by Stormor Systems

New Year, New Warehouse

Your warehouse plays a major part in your business, whether it’s where your stock is kept or where the manufacturing of your products take place. The new year is a great time to give your warehouse a revamp, perhaps maybe a new mezzanine floor or a new shelving and storage system? Our team who have years of experience, almost 25 years in fact, can provide you with the perfect solution to enhance your warehouse... Read More

Break-out area in a work place for employees

Enhance employees’ productivity with a break out area

Many employers and employees don’t realise the importance of taking a lunch break during their busy working days, ‘A study of office workers and managers by Staples discovered that even though 66% of employees spend more than eight hours a day at work, more than a quarter of them don’t take a break other than lunch’. But what is less known is that studies show employees who... Read More

Stormor Systems logo and metal storage unit

We landed a great racking deal with Duckworth

Stormor was given the opportunity to put together a quote to supply shelving components for the new spares department storage area at Duckworth, a Land Rover main dealer in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.

This long established dealership has seen a large growth in its spares business.

Having assessed their needs, we presented our quotation and duly secured their business.

We were one of several companies to quote for the work, offering a range of solutions.


A multi-product layout including pallet racking, ... Read More