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Stormor Systems is a leading provider of mezzanine floors, industrial shelving, pallet racking, longspan shelving, office partitioning, warehouse shelving, storage systems and more.

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Additional services to complete your office refurbishment

Additional services to complete your office refurbishment


Having a full office refurbishment can be a busy and stressful period for a business, and often different providers have to work together to complete the job. This is not the case with Stormor Systems - our experienced team offers all you need, from office furniture, decorating services, lighting, heating, and many other services.


We also offer flooring and decorating services

We offer a full site management service with planning and building control applications. Our team has over 25 years’ experience so you can rest assured that the best job will be done. When a professional feel is required in an office, Stormor’s high standard of work guarantees this will be achieved. If your business has a corporate style that you would like to follow in your decorating and office refurb, our team will work with you to understand the requirements and ensure you are happy with the end result. Besides decorating services, we can also supply and fit flooring. Don’t underestimate the impact your flooring can have on your brand when a customer comes to visit your office, this is one of the factors that will help build a customer’s first impression of you. We have a whole range of flooring available for you to choose from, from carpet to vinyl.


Not only can our team make your office look fantastic, we also provide services to make it feel comfortable when you are in it, such as central heating systems, electrics, air conditioning, and more. We are able to call upon expertise in these areas as well as using our in-house experience. We will take care of all the services you require ensuring your refurbishment process goes as smooth as possible.


Our team always welcome enquiries and will take the time to talk to you about your requirements. Call our team on 01293 224 364, email us at info@stormorsystems.co.uk, or you can leave a message on our contact page.

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