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Break-out area in a work place for employees

Enhance employees’ productivity with a break out area

Many employers and employees don’t realise the importance of taking a lunch break during their busy working days, ‘A study of office workers and managers by Staples discovered that even though 66% of employees spend more than eight hours a day at work, more than a quarter of them don’t take a break other than lunch’. But what is less known is that studies show employees who... Read More

Stormor Systems glass partitioning in an office environment

How Could Glass Partitioning Benefit my Office Space?

For those working predominantly in an office, it can often mean little natural sunlight due to screen glare and unnecessary heat! It is important to create a working environment that will stimulate your employees, ensuring everyone is happy and feeling content while at work. Glass partitioning can help you make the best use of the natural light within your office, as well as creating an open and airy atmosphere.

Not all offices are well-suited to having large windows and this can mean little natural light is able to enter. Adding glass... Read More

Stormor Systems mezzanine flooring in a warehouse

Don’t Move Premises, Build Your Business Up!

There’s no time like the present to get your mezzanine floor installed before the price of steel rises. Before the UK took the decision to leave the EU, the price of steel had begun to rise, but with Brexit taking place, the prices are due to further increase – which will potentially have significant affects on the cost of a mezzanine floor with the large amount of steel required for these projects.


Many businesses chose to move premises when their floor and storage space runs out, but this is... Read More